NYS Technical Endorsement – H.S. Diploma

Technical Endorsement on Diploma

Students enrolled an approved school district or BOCES* career and technical education (CTE) program who successfully complete all requirements earn a technical endorsement to be affixed to the high school diploma. [C.R. 100.5(d)(6)(ii)(b) p.11].   Requirements leading to the technical endorsement include:

Student requirements:

  • completion of a minimum of 22 units of credit** as set forth in Commissioner’s Regulations 100.5(a)(3) and 100.5 (d)(6)(ii)(a)(2);
  • passing grades on 5 required Regents examination(s) or approved alternatives (100.2[f]); and
  • successful completion of a 3-part technical assessment (written, demonstration, project components) [C.R. 100.5 (d)(6)(f)(6)].

Program requirements:

  • completion of work-based learning experiences as provided by the approved program

[C.R. 100.5(d)(6)(iv)(a)(2)(iv)]; and

  • completion of a work-skills employability profile [C.R. 100.5 (d)(6)(iv)(a)(2)(v)].

The technical endorsement is imprinted on a seal to be affixed to the diploma and includes the phrase, Career and Technical Endorsement.  Additional information on the specific design of the endorsement seal is provided to school districts and BOCES upon notification of CTE program approval.

*Local school districts are notified by a BOCES of students who have completed all approved program requirements and who have earned the technical endorsement.

**Students in an approved career and technical education program entering grade 10, 11, or 12 in Fall 2001 must complete the units of credits and distribution as specified for their graduating classes.  [see C.R. 100.5 (a)(1) and (2)].

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