2012 MBRP PAC Members
2012 MBRP PAC Members

Professional Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Committee carries out its mission by bringing the employment and education communities closer together through fostering collaborations among industry, labor, and education as well as with other-non-profit professionals. Committee members serve as vital links between the New York City public school system and the community and connect schools to external resources and information. Also, the Committee ensures that the Department of Education’s career and technical education policies and programs are current and relevant.

Fact Sheet

  • Authorized by New York State Education law Article 93, Section 4601.
  • Members are leaders from business, trades, industry, labor, professional, and education and community organizations.
  • Acts as an adviser and advocate on behalf of occupational education to the New York City Public School System, through its recommendations and those of its various constituent Educational Advisory Commissions.
  • Provides direct links with industry, labor, and education through career and industry specific Educational Advisory Commissions.
  • Advises the School System on the most effective use of federal funds earmarked for Career & Technical Education.
  • Identifies and interprets employment and technological trends and their effect on Career & Technical Education Programs and their implementation.
  • Collaborates with high schools, support services, and the Career & Technical Education Unit, to foster industry outreach and partnerships.
  • Assists program staff in reviewing curriculum and teaching, equipment needs, and professional development, to ensure relevancy and integration of academic and industry standards into Career & Technical Education programs.
  • Supports the concept of life long learning and its implementation through furtherance of teacher education, student/teacher internships and mentoring experiences, and the sharing of its resources, time and expertise.
  • Works with designated staff to ensure that Career & Technical Education programs are appropriately accessible to all students.

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