2017 – 2018 Projects

Marine Biological Research

01. The Percent Coverage of Biodiversity on ECOncrete at the Manhattan Side of the Harlem Sea Wall (Hudson-Raritan Estuary, 2018) by Nicholas Ring

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02. The biodiversity and species richness of invertebrates in the New York Harbor (Hudson-Raritan Estuary, 2018) by Nailea Rodriguez

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03. Plastic Microfibers: A Marine Catastrophe and a Simple Solution by Matthew Chiu

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04. Testing Different Types of Mycelium Buoys’ Durability and Longevity by Christopher Bell

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05. Cloacal vs. Jaw Swabs: A Novel Technique to Genetically Determine Diet of Sharks by Seth Rivera and Isabella Torres

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Geographic Information Systems

01. Distortions on 2D Maps by Tony Zhu

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02. Geographic Information Systems tools and processes by Marcus Charles

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03. Combining Geospatial Technology with Surveys by Jared Vittore

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Introductory Marine Lab Reports

Scientific Method Stick

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Aquatic Ecosystem Models

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Research Plans

Civic Scientist Environmental Monitoring of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary