2016 PAC


Greetings PAC members and friends,

It is with great enthusiasm that I send you this final note of the year after a wonderful gathering yesterday during our 2016 PAC meeting! The energy in the room was electrifying as I saw you interact with our young scholars and each other. I feel we have reached a new level in our work. The lines have definitely been blurred between the high school and the professional world. The crucial feedback needed from post-secondary and industry to make our young scholars college and career ready was realized yesterday.

I thank you. But most importantly, rest assured that your contribution will affect the lives of these young scholars and will emanate even further when they move on to their next steps. Enjoy the pictures. Have a wonderful holiday. And I hope to see you all again for our 6th annual marine science symposium in May – date TBD.
Best regards,


At the 2016 MBRP PAC meeting we accomplished the following:
01. An overview of Work-Based Learning was given,
02. AN SRC/IRB was convened to review 11th grade research plans,
03. 12th grade research drafts were reviewed for the upcoming NYSCEF science symposium,
04. The MBRP curriculum and assessments were reviewed,
05. Industry, post-secondary partners, and MBRP scholars had an edifying meet-and-greet,
06. PAC members submitted a work packet that included various WBL commitments with the MBRP.
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Civic Scientist Environmental Monitoring of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary