2012 – 2013 Projects

Marine Biological Research

01. New York Harbor SEALs Upper Hudson River Estuary Water Quality Monitoring Program by Violeta González: Webpage

02. Testing the Effects of Different Mixtures of Econcrete on the Recruitment of Benthic Organisms in the Hudson River Estuary by Samiyra Abdus-Samad: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

03. The Effect of Adult Piping Plover Behavior and Adaptations on Chick Survival by Amy Mahon: Digital Presentation

04. Repopulating Eel grass in the Hudson River Estuary by Nicolle Martinez, Mauricio González, Bart Chezar, & Stephen Schott: Webpage

05. Dissolved Oxygen as a Health Indicator of Local Estuary Waters Surrounding Governors Island, NY by Cecilio Benn: Research Paper

Environmental Science

01. Monitoring the Levels of CO2 in a NYC Classroom to Determine the Safety of the Learning Environment by Ameena Peters: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

02. Comparing the Concentration of Black Carbon between the Day and Night on Governors Island by Rosaly Nunez: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

03. How to Maintain an Aquatic Ecosystem Model by Andrew Sommer: Research Paper

Civic Scientist Environmental Monitoring of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary