04. Applying for College (Essays)

4. Apply for colleges, including writing essays

Once you’ve decided which college you’d like to apply to, check the official college website for more information on how to apply to that school. And don’t forget: you can apply to more than one school! If you need extra help, contact the college admissions office. They are the ones who will be handling your application.

If you have no idea where to start, visit University Language Services website for step-by-step help with the application process.

Want to know if the college you’re considering has an online college application? Check Xap (try searching by letter or keyword).

Many colleges accept the Common Application, which allows you to complete the same application to apply to several different schools. Contact the college admission office where you are applying to learn if they accept the Common Application. Click here to go to the Common Application essay prompts.

For help writing college application essays, check out 01) Peterson’s Essay Edge,  02) About Education, or 03) CollegeAdvisors.com.

Also, the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation has a useful English-Spanish glossary of education terms.

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