2014 – 2015 Projects

Marine Biological Research

Completed Research

01. New York Harbor School HARBOR SEALs Citizen Science: Monitoring the Water Quality of the Upper New York Bay around Governors Island and Lower Manhattan (EPA Agreement No. X5-96298212-0/Citizen Science) by  Violeta Gonzalez & Andrew Sommer: Poster and Data Set

Download (PDF, 6.13MB)

02. The Effects of Different Types of Concrete Compositions on Benthic Organisms under an Ecodock by Tahirah Abdo: Slide ShowData Set

Download (PDF, 1018KB)

03. Rescued from the Brink: Restoration of Eelgrass, Zostera marina, to the Upper New York Bay by Nicolle Martinez: 01) Water Physical-Chemistry Data Set; 02) Water Light and Temperature Data Set; 03) Slide Show 

Download (PDF, 760KB)

04. Invertebrate Growth on Porcelain Tiles by Andrew Sommer: Slide Show, Data Set

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)

05. New York Harbor Plankton by Sam Wilson & Stefanos Kalogrias: Website

Download (PDF, 1.73MB)

06. Biodiversity of Macroinvertebrate Species within the New York Bay by Grace Carter, Jared Rosin, Erik Wiemer

Download (PDF, 832KB)

07. How does Climate Change Affect Possible Polar Bear Extinction? by Jade Gonzalez: Slide Show

Download (PDF, 396KB)

08. The Ecological Succession of Microorganisms in the Hudson River Estuary by Genesis Carvajal

Download (PDF, 248KB)

09. Collection of Plastic Debris within the Upper New York Harbor by Kieron Achee

Download (PDF, 351KB)

10. Harbor Monitoring Platform by Jelani Wiltshire: Slide Show

Download (PDF, 265KB)

11. The Efficacy of LifeStraw® Water Filters In Filtering Enterococci From Various Water Samples by William Echavarria, Mauricio González, Nazish Nawaz, and Kathleen Nolan

Download (PDF, 120KB)

Download (PDF, 1.1MB)

12. Paper or plastic: Does a Baggy Wrinkle made of Natural Fibers Attract more Macro Invertebrates than a Plastic Baggy Wrinkle? by Averille Ramos

Download (PDF, 1MB)

13. Management of a Citizen Science Group: The New York Harbor SEALS by Rachel Anderson: Slide show

Download (PDF, 462KB)

Research Plans

01. Evaluation of the Easter Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, from the Genetic Lines of Cultured and Native Larvae for Growth and Survival Rate in the NYC Harbor by Cézanne Bies & Zain Bin Khalid: Research Plan and Presentation

02. What is Mycelium Fungus Foam Buoy’s Effect on Temperature, pH, and Dissolved Oxygen and How Long Does it Stay Buoyant? by Luca Goldmansour: Research Plan

03. Determining the Amount of Plastic and Plankton around Governors Island, Hudson River Estuary by Ivan Carrasquillo: Research Plan

04. Monitoring the Hudson River Benthic Sediment for Benthic Organisms by Gabriel Bates: Research Plan

Civic Scientist Environmental Monitoring of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary

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