2011 And Earlier Projects

Environmental Science

01. Ecology and Natural History of a Disturbed Coral Community (Nenguange Bay, Colombian Caribbean), 2001 by Mauricio Gonzalez: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

02. Microhydrometeorological Studies of the Hudson River, 2008 by Mauricio Gonzalez, Philip Orton, & Daniel Rouillard: Poster

03. Harlem Environmental Summary and Solutions, 2009 by Mauricio Gonzalez, Randy Garcia, Keshuva Pierce, Adam Turay, & Jah-Vin Vaughan: Research Paper, Digital Presentation, & Poster

04. Weather and its Relation to the Economy, 2009 by Adam Turay: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

05. Determining Particulate Matter Concentrations Within a New York City Public School, 2010 by Jah-Vin Vaughn: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

06. Comparison of Particulate Levels of Two Public High Schools Located in Different Socioeconomic Locations, 2010 by Adam Turay: Digital Presentation

07. Determining Particulate Matter Concentrations in New York City Train Stations, 2010 by Angel Batista: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

08. Determining The Effects of Filtration on  Airborne Particulate Matter in a New York City Public School, 2011 by Randy Garcia: Research Paper & Digital Presentation

Civic Scientist Environmental Monitoring of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary

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