New York Harbor School Science!

Pablo at the New York City
Pablo at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair, March 2nd, 2014

In 2014, for the first time in the history of the New York Harbor School, two of our senior marine research scholars were selected to compete in New York City’s most prestigious science and engineering competition – the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. On Sunday, March 2nd, CTE’s Marine Biology Research student Pablo Jimenez represented our school when he competed against the top research students around New York City. When asked what he liked most about the fair Pablo said, “it was a pleasure to get to speak to so many enthusiastic young science scholars.” The Finals will be held at the American Museum of Natural History later this March. A big shout out to Pablo for extending the Harbor School’s quality of science. Another shout out to the seniors of the Marine Biology Research Program for preparing Pablo for the presentation phase of his project. Also, thanks to the Aquaculture class for providing the oysters that Pablo used for experimentation. These oysters were unharmed and returned to their natural environment.

We've been able to ramp up our marine science project analyses using parametric statistics with our advanced research scholar, Pablo.
Marine Biology Research instructor Mauricio González and marine scholar Pablo Jiménez finalize a lesson on parametric statistics. Statistics are an important tool for analyzing research data and finding whether or not there are significant differences.