Work-Based Learning: CONEDISON

MBRP scholars listening to a presentation on environmental management at CONED by Brian Brush.
MBRP scholars listening to a presentation on environmental management at CONED by Brian Brush, senior scientist.

The New York Harbor School’s Marine Biology Research Program provides Work-based learning (WBL) experiences to its students in the 10 through 12th grades. WBL gives our marine scholars opportunities to study complex subject matter as well as vital workplace skills in a hands-on environment. WBL experiences also provide students with career awareness, career options exploration, appropriate workplace skills development, and the opportunity to relate academic skills to real-life applications.

Some WBL activities appropriate for every grade level are: guest speaker visits to the classroom, career fairs, job site tours, job shadowing, work with professional mentors on research projects, and internships. Internships are considered the pinnacle of the WBL spectrum. As students see the connections between their lab/field work and what is required at the work site, they gain an understanding of the importance of learning and are able to make better decisions about their futures.

On May 4th and October 3rd our research scholars were invited to explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with the Consolidated Edison Corporation of NY  (CONED) by their EHS manager, Michael Kessler. They had the opportunity to view several high-level professional presentations ranging from the running of the facilities to environmental management strategies. Our scholars were then given a tour of the facilities. The CONED team including Alexander Potulicki (engineer) and Brian Brush (senior scientist) showed great interest in continuing to support our scholars. For more images click here.

Over the summer, approximately 15 Marine scholars participated in internships with partners such as Manhattan College, The Nature Conservancy, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Roger Williams University, and Columbia University.

On Tuesday, November 5th (Election Day), Marine scholars will attend the 2nd Annual STEM Career Day organized by the Office of School Programs and Partnerships. Students will have the opportunity to visit STEM companies around the city and learn more about STEM career pathways. Click here for more information.

On Saturday, November 9th, Marine Scholars will attend the 2013 LEAF Green College and Career Fair organized by The Nature Conservancy. Scholars will have the opportunity to meet representatives from regional organizations, colleges and universities about opportunities for green programs, careers, scholarships and jobs. Click here for more information.

The MBRP Employability Skills Check List is a document that outlines many of the skills our scholars will graduate with from the Marine Biology Research Program that will be valuable in their professional careers.